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Review – Julep Vivien

So last night I was searching through my polishes for the one to wear today (Monday polish is especially important to me :)) and I came across Vivien. The thing about Vivien is I didn’t think much of it the first time I tried it – I had been eyeing it forEVER and when it finally went into the savvy deals, I knew I had to have it. I was in love with the idea of full coverage glitter.

However, when I got my package with Vivien in it, I put it on top of Mary Lee and hated it. It looked SO bad as a top coat, so I put it in my box and promptly forgot about it, until last night.

jodieSwatch of Julep’s Vivien, described as “‘Champagne bubbles’ – a full coverage multi-dimensional gold glitter”

What I found out about Vivien is you really have to glop it on to make it full coverage. I’m talking about using half the bottle every time you paint your nails with it, which I found to be the only other con (other than it looking terrible as a top coat). Once you actually achieve your desired coverage, it’s too beautiful to be mad at.

I fell madly in love with Vivien, to the point where I know I need to buy a couple more bottles while it’s still on sale.


(Ignore my pointer finger in those photos, I have a mean cuticle problem right now)

Anyway, as you can see by the photos above, DEFINITELY full coverage if you want it to be. Definitely beautiful. Will be buying again.

VERDICT: Definitely worth the $4.99 it’s on sale for right now! The only cons were you had to GLOP it on, and it didn’t look good over the color I tried it as a top coat over. All in all, would definitely recommend purchase, and I wish I could take back the 3 star review I gave it on Julep’s official website before last night.


Secret Store!

Good morning Mavens!

In case you didn’t realize yet, the secret store is officially open now! (I think it opened up yesterday but I can’t be sure, I was hiking all weekend)!

There’s definitely some good deals in there, including this “Fall Refresh” set which I’m definitely getting, because I’m running low on the Luxe hand cream and my husband is running low on the Mind Condition Pedi Cream (I buffer his feet because he has the world’s most cracked heels and the cream does WONDERS for him!)


Get on over!!


New App Store Deal of the Day

Hello again Mavens! Time again to share the iPhone App deal of the day!

Today’s deal is Welcome to the Afterparty, a collection of Ta Da! Quick Dry Drops, Party’s Over Glitter Nail Polish Removal Kit, Cleanup Tool, Celia (It Girl), and Estelle (Boho Glam).

This collection can be yours today for $25.00, and is apparently an $84.00 value!

I’ve heard good things about the Party’s Over kit, but never tried it myself because I don’t mind scrubbing a little to get glitter off : )

A photo of the whole set

Swatch of Estelle

Swatch of Celia.

Estelle and Celia are both on my list of eventual polishes to maybe get but I’m not convinced so I passed on the set : )


Buy 50, save 25 deal

Hey Mavens! While I write up my first ever review, I wanted to say that there is a coupon that’s effective today and tomorrow, where if you spend $25, you get $10 off, and if you spend $50, you get $25 off! That’s a pretty good deal, since I can never escape a day without spending $25 on Julep it seems! : )

Just use the code IWANTIT for the first deal and IWANTMORE for the second : ) I know I’m going to use it to hopefully knock a few colors off of my wishlist.



Daily App Deal (Shades of Autumn)

I don’t know how many of you have the Julep app for iPhone (I’m anxiously awaiting the day they release the android version), but there’s a deal going on today where you can buy a Shades of Autumn collection for 13.00!

This collection excited me (being a professed fall lover), and I scooped it up right away. It contains 4 polishes including:

Jodie (Classic with a Twist)


Chloe (It Girl)


Nic (Bombshell)


Petra (Boho Glam)


I think I’m most excited for Petra! I don’t have enough pink in my collection!

As always, expect a full review once these come! And scoop up the deal because after today it’s gone!!


Inaugural Post?

Hello junkies and Mavens! I thought I would use my first post on this blog to talk about something that I am SO excited about!

The October Black Magic Collection!

I think what has me SO excited about this particular collection is my deep rooted love for all things fall, and this collection definitely screams fall to me! I ended up with what you see above, the polish lovers upgrade, which adds an additional 20 dollars to your Maven Box price, and gives you the full collection with no beauty products.

I clicked into the Maven Reveal on the 20th fully expecting to hate the collection from the spoilers I saw. I fully intended to do a Maven first for me – add on a beauty product instead of three polishes. However after I saw the collection, I fell in love. After much deliberation (and changing my mind 1000 times), I scrapped the overnight mask and went for the polish lovers upgrade, and added on Tia.

I’m probably most excited about Shailene, Logan, Tia, and Ledi! Expect a long review when I finally get my box!