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So I’ve been VERY MIA the last couple weeks, because I’m taking a short break. This blog is a lot more work than I thought it’d be, and that sucks because blogging about nails is all i ever wanted to do, and it’s hard with a full time job, among various other life obligations.

I might just continue my break until my November box gets here, and go from there.

Thanks everyone for your patience.


Julep Review – Customer Service

I wanted to do something a little different today and review something that could actually stand a good review – Julep’s customer service.

If you had asked me the other day, I would have said that I’m on the verge of quitting the Maven program. My box was sent to the wrong address, and bounced ALL over Colorado before finally getting to me. Also, someone signed up under my referral link and I didn’t get the points, and I got sent a package missing an item that was supposed to be in it, only to find that it was sold out. Julep has a bad track record with selling items that they know are sold out, and that was the second time that’s happened to me.

However, they did all they could to rectify the situations, which is where the good review comes in.

The first time I noticed outstanding customer service was after a box shipped that was supposed to have a sold out item in it. They e-mailed me about a day before it was supposed to be delivered, and said that they apologized but they were sold out of the item, and they could offer me a refund or a gift card. That was fine, since I had only ordered the item in question to hit a limit so I could use a coupon, so I took the gift card.

Then, when I got my Fall Refresh package, it was supposed to have Bunny in it. I was SO heartbroken that it didn’t, because I was REALLY looking forward to using Bunny.

When I e-mailed and complained, I was already upset about my box being shipped to the wrong address. I think they totally understood that I was upset, and to rectify the situation, they offered me one free polish of my choosing.

Now, why is this so great? Bunny was on sale for 4.99. I got to choose a full price product to be sent to me in lieu of the on sale product that wasn’t sent. I got a new polish I loved instead of Bunny, which I was kind of unsure about.

I think Julep’s customer service rocks. And even though I was on the verge of quitting, they managed to turn that completely around.



Review – October Maven Box

I finally FINALLY got my Maven box in the mail yesterday (after the debacle of them putting the wrong address on it and it being sent all around the state before going to me), and I couldn’t be happier with it! I love almost all the colors and I definitely think the polish lovers upgrade was the way to go!!SONY DSCSo the first color I tried out was one of the ones that I didn’t honestly think I would like all that much, only because it seemed to boring compared to the rest of them. I put Briana on first, and this is one coat with no top coat.

I love Briana SO much! It’s not like any blue that I own yet, and the consistency is SO spot on. Julep REALLY knows what they’re doing with their creme polishes.

*edit* After having Briana on for a day, it already chipped. I had a top coat on too. It might be better with a couple coats, but not loving the longevity of this product. : (

After Briana I tried on DeAnn, another polish that I thought I wouldn’t like as much, for the same reasons.


DeAnn was amazing as well. Same thing with the consistency being AMAZING. It’s a little more pink than it looks here, and SO beautiful. I don’t go for reds/pinks as much, and was definitely pleasantly surprised with this one.

After DeAnn was Margarita, the third one that I was kind of hesitant about (haha I was hesitant about all the cremes, I thought they’d be boring).


Margarita was another VERY pleasant surprise. It’s a nice lightish royal purple, PERFECT for fall. Same deal with the creme finish. Perfect consistency.

After Margarita was Shailene. I was SO excited for Shailene, because the swatches were AMAZING, until I read reviews online about the consistency! I was moderately scared.


I feel SO so mixed about Shailene. On one hand, I love the color. It’s so sparkly and amazing. On the other hand, the reviews about the consistency weren’t wrong. It was hard to put on, and kinda glopped. I’m thinking some polish thinner would fix it right up.

Logan was next for me, and another one I was pretty excited about!


Logan is SO much more beautiful than the shot lets on. It’s got this amazing subtle purple shimmer to it. PERFECT consistency too. Definitely a little darker than the online swatches let on though.

Marla was up next! Another one I was excited for!!


Marla is an AMAZING shimmery red that reminds me perfectly of vampire blood. Julep nailed it with their shimmers this month, and Marla definitely didn’t disappoint. This photo is with one coat, so I think that with two it would be nearly PERFECT.

Dana was next!! I was kind of skeptical about Dana as well, because Julep has kind of a problem with their white polishes.


Dana was exactly what I expected. Stark white, can’t really see any blue at all, and definitely streaky (which is ALWAYS to be expected with white polishes, I don’t care what you’re trying). Now, I don’t have a black light, nor have I been under a black light since my high school best friend’s 15th birthday party 10 years ago, so I can’t speak to how it looks under a black light, but my guess would be blue? Most whites turn blue under a black light though, so I don’t know what’s special enough about it that it deserves it’s own “Black Light Reactive” label.

Next was Tia! My add on! I was SO EXCITED FOR TIA and I think it’s my personal favorite out of the collection.


Tia was definitely a jelly polish. This photo is 2 coats, no top coat, and the second coat was DEFINITELY necessary on top of bare nails. I loved the different copper colored glitters in it though.

After Tia I tried on Nancy, another that I was excited for and probably the main reason I decided on the upgrade.


Nancy is definitely a beautiful sage green metallic. It is a tad bit streaky after one coat, but definitely clears up after a second. One of my new instant faves. : )

Last was Ledi. I had an INCREDIBLY difficult time photographing Ledi for whatever reason, and it’s not my favorite.


Julep in my opinion has a serious problems with blacks as well. I have Jet too and it’s got the SAME issues. Streaky, takes about 3 coats, and doesn’t dry well. I love the idea of Ledi, and it definitely has some shimmer the closer you look at it.

Verdict: I’m incredibly happy with the entire collection, one of my favorites from Julep so far. I would definitely buy all the colors if I didn’t already buy them, and other than some formula problems with Shailene, the formulas are almost all spot on.

Hope you all are enjoying your Maven boxes! Only 8 more days until the next renewal! : )

Review – Emerald City and Taryn

So yesterday I FINALLY got my Julep order in with my Wizard of Oz set as well as my champagne trio and what I was most excited for, Taryn.

Taryn was beautiful in the bottle and didn’t disappoint on my nails.




I layered it on top of Emerald City,  (which is really more of a teal than an emerald but more on the later).  All in all I am SO glad that taryn made a comeback so I could buy it. It has just the right amount of sparkle (on my nails is one coat) and is just beautiful over more blueish hues. I never want to take it off!! I did try it on its own without a base color and it is definitely a color to wear as a top coat, aka not full coverage, which is ok because it never claims to be!  : )

Verdict: buy it. If you have the opportunity, get it. You will NOT BE disappointed. I can’t think of any major flaws with taryn!!


Review – Shades of Autumn Collection

So I was SO excited to get this four piece collection from the iPhone app. The swatches looked PERFECT, especially since I love fall so much.

As soon as I got them today, I knew I had to put them all on and immediately try them, though at first impression, the colors seemed more pinky to me than reds, golds, or browns.

Definitely more pinks than I was expecting, but I decided that I wouldn’t know until I tried it! All the colors are two coats, with no top coat 🙂

The first one I tried on was the one I knew I would be most excited for, Petra.


The color looked pretty enough in the bottle. It’s definitely a hot magenta shimmer, though pink has never really been my go to color. Doesn’t remind me so much of autumn, and I don’t think this is ever going to be a go to polish for me. Still a beautiful color though!

Next up was Jodie. Julep’s website describes this one as “Rosy mauve with gold shimmer”.




I would definitely describe this one as a straight up dusty pink. Once again not really my color, but still pretty. I have to be honest I was more excited about this one by the online swatch, because it looked more orangey red gold on the site!

After Jodie I put on Chloe, which to be honest I thought was going to be my least favorite of the collection. Let’s just say it didn’t disappoint in disappointing me. Haha I normally don’t go for browns anyway.



Like I said, brown is never REALLY my favorite, but I could probably at least see myself maybe wearing this again. I don’t even wear brown clothes too often though, let alone polish haha.

The final polish I tried on was the one that made the whole purchase worth it, Nic. Nic is described on the site as “Black crimson crème”, and the description couldn’t be MORE spot on!



Holy moly is Nic beautiful. It is black ish vampy dark glossy wine red. It is the color that I have literally been searching for for YEARS. It is the perfect fall crimson black color. I could go on forever. The closest color that I have to compare it to is like a darker, more glossy Mary Lee (which also happens to be one of my favorites). This single color made the WHOLE collection worth it, and is the only one I can see myself absolutely revisiting in the future.

Verdict: I wish I had saved a couple bucks and JUST purchased Nic, though it’s probably not one I would have gravitated toward naturally, because it looks more brown online. Definitely nice to snag 4 polishes for 13 dollars, but the others I really can’t see myself wearing, and don’t really scream “autumn” to me. Always nice to add to the collection though :). Definitely a tiny bit of streaking on Chloe, which is to be expected with the more “metallic” shads.