Review – Shades of Autumn Collection

So I was SO excited to get this four piece collection from the iPhone app. The swatches looked PERFECT, especially since I love fall so much.

As soon as I got them today, I knew I had to put them all on and immediately try them, though at first impression, the colors seemed more pinky to me than reds, golds, or browns.

Definitely more pinks than I was expecting, but I decided that I wouldn’t know until I tried it! All the colors are two coats, with no top coat 🙂

The first one I tried on was the one I knew I would be most excited for, Petra.


The color looked pretty enough in the bottle. It’s definitely a hot magenta shimmer, though pink has never really been my go to color. Doesn’t remind me so much of autumn, and I don’t think this is ever going to be a go to polish for me. Still a beautiful color though!

Next up was Jodie. Julep’s website describes this one as “Rosy mauve with gold shimmer”.




I would definitely describe this one as a straight up dusty pink. Once again not really my color, but still pretty. I have to be honest I was more excited about this one by the online swatch, because it looked more orangey red gold on the site!

After Jodie I put on Chloe, which to be honest I thought was going to be my least favorite of the collection. Let’s just say it didn’t disappoint in disappointing me. Haha I normally don’t go for browns anyway.



Like I said, brown is never REALLY my favorite, but I could probably at least see myself maybe wearing this again. I don’t even wear brown clothes too often though, let alone polish haha.

The final polish I tried on was the one that made the whole purchase worth it, Nic. Nic is described on the site as “Black crimson crème”, and the description couldn’t be MORE spot on!



Holy moly is Nic beautiful. It is black ish vampy dark glossy wine red. It is the color that I have literally been searching for for YEARS. It is the perfect fall crimson black color. I could go on forever. The closest color that I have to compare it to is like a darker, more glossy Mary Lee (which also happens to be one of my favorites). This single color made the WHOLE collection worth it, and is the only one I can see myself absolutely revisiting in the future.

Verdict: I wish I had saved a couple bucks and JUST purchased Nic, though it’s probably not one I would have gravitated toward naturally, because it looks more brown online. Definitely nice to snag 4 polishes for 13 dollars, but the others I really can’t see myself wearing, and don’t really scream “autumn” to me. Always nice to add to the collection though :). Definitely a tiny bit of streaking on Chloe, which is to be expected with the more “metallic” shads.


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