Review – Emerald City and Taryn

So yesterday I FINALLY got my Julep order in with my Wizard of Oz set as well as my champagne trio and what I was most excited for, Taryn.

Taryn was beautiful in the bottle and didn’t disappoint on my nails.




I layered it on top of Emerald City,  (which is really more of a teal than an emerald but more on the later).  All in all I am SO glad that taryn made a comeback so I could buy it. It has just the right amount of sparkle (on my nails is one coat) and is just beautiful over more blueish hues. I never want to take it off!! I did try it on its own without a base color and it is definitely a color to wear as a top coat, aka not full coverage, which is ok because it never claims to be!  : )

Verdict: buy it. If you have the opportunity, get it. You will NOT BE disappointed. I can’t think of any major flaws with taryn!!


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