Inaugural Post?

Hello junkies and Mavens! I thought I would use my first post on this blog to talk about something that I am SO excited about!

The October Black Magic Collection!

I think what has me SO excited about this particular collection is my deep rooted love for all things fall, and this collection definitely screams fall to me! I ended up with what you see above, the polish lovers upgrade, which adds an additional 20 dollars to your Maven Box price, and gives you the full collection with no beauty products.

I clicked into the Maven Reveal on the 20th fully expecting to hate the collection from the spoilers I saw. I fully intended to do a Maven first for me – add on a beauty product instead of three polishes. However after I saw the collection, I fell in love. After much deliberation (and changing my mind 1000 times), I scrapped the overnight mask and went for the polish lovers upgrade, and added on Tia.

I’m probably most excited about Shailene, Logan, Tia, and Ledi! Expect a long review when I finally get my box!